Purebred Anatolian Shepherd Puppies


Lani Has Puppies – AKC Registered Litter

Price reduced to $650.

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We are located in Chattanooga TN with five puppies ready for new homes.
They were born on February 23, 2016:

Puppy 1: – Tulu (Female)  SOLD She has beautiful pinto markings with very dark accents around her eyes.  She notices quickly when things are not as they should be and will sound alarm. We expect she will be very obedient and one to stay closer to home. She is white and biscuit with dutch markings.

Puppy 2: Minik (Female)  She also has beautiful pinto markings.  Her temperament is mild and even.  Very sweet, eager to please, and seems to learn obedience lessons quickly. She is white and biscuit with dutch markings.

Puppy 3: Nokta (Female)  SOLD She is beautifully colored.  She is a brown gray with very dark markings on her tail.  She is very energetic, very generous with her kisses, and eager to please.  She is more independent then her siblings.  A very curious puppy and seems to be fearless.

Puppy 4: Arastamachi (Male)  He just may be the male you’re looking for.  He has definitely been the largest puppy in the litter all along.  He is fearless and happy to explore.  He is a traditional fawn color with black mask and dutch markings.  He has cute white socks on his front paws.  He is very affectionate with people.

Puppy 5: Sakin (Male)  SOLD

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